A Textile Industry specific service product from S K Controls designed by Samir Panchal
Specifications :
HMI – PLC based control panel
Suitable for automatic operation of main vessel and Drain Vessel
Pressurization and depressurization of mail vessel
In filling process keeping the liquor ratio constant for the whole batch using electromagnectic flow meter
Exact temperature gradient control using DTC Delta temperature controller
Automatic function of color pass and chemical pass using color tank
Auto Color Tank is possible
Drain recovery and fill option are possible
For color pass HOT water and COLD water selectable
 Temperature water level and pressure indicator on HMI display
Benefits for client
Economic and User friendly
Low Consumption of water, so less consumption of Electricity and FUEL Coal or Gas
Short Dyeing Time as compared to manual process, so more batches can run in a day time period
Very Gentle for Fabrics, so all fabrics are handled carefully
All batches are same
it increases working efficiency of JET dyeing machine hence optimizing the dyeing energy as well as time and cost money
Economic product from S K Controls