3. Automation in Rotary Printing machine

5. Textile Embroidery machine.

  • X-Y servo attachment.
  • Sequence attachment.
6. Four-bar designing attachment on warp knitting.
7. Automation in Conventional looms, rapier & water jet looms.
8. Automation in Draw winding textile machine, centralized control of individual machine.
9. Automation Plastic & pharma.
  • Automation in SD & TD Theater.
10. Automation in Incense stick machines.
11. Automation in Textile hat belts & rotary printing machine.
12. Automation in Textile.
  • Servo winder.
  • Procon application.
13. Servo Traverse Attachment on textile T&O.
14. Automation in film micro slitting machine.
15. Automation in Textile Servo sectional warping. 
16. Automation in diamond tool cutting system.
17. Automation in Dry offset Printing machine of plastic container & bottle caps.
18. Automation in all value-added machine in textile.
19. Automation in SPM (Special Purpose Machine).
20. Automation in Air-jet textile machine centralized of individual spindles.